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Do you want all of your bell ringers written for the entire school year for your biology class?  Then this resource is for you!  This bundle includes all of my biology bell ringers for an entire year of teaching high school biology. 

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Do you want all of your bell ringers written for the entire school year for your biology class?  Then this resource is for you!  This bundle includes all of my biology bell ringers for an entire year of teaching high school biology.  Each day comes with 3-5 editable questions that are an excellent way to check in with each student on a daily basis in a quick and effective manner, and my favorite way to start class smoothly and effectively.  I call them Prime Times because I believe the first five minutes of class are the most important – setting the tone for the rest of the period.  Don’t use bell ringers?  These 210 days of assessments can be used as daily quizzes or exit slips too!

What content is in this bundle?

I include bell ringers for every day of the core 7 units and 3 extension mini-units in my full year biology curriculum, listed below.

  • Biology Basics Unit, covering topics related to the scientific method, experimental design, glassware, measurements, and macromolecules
  • Cells Unit, covering topics related to organelles, transport, mitosis, and cancer
  • Energy Flow Unit, covering topics related to enzymes, ATP, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and food webs
  • Genetics Unit, covering topics related to DNA structure, replication, protein synthesis, and meiosis
  • Heredity Unit, covering topics related to Mendelian genetics, complex inheritance patterns, pedigrees, mutations, and genetic engineering
  • Evolution Unit, covering topics related to natural selection, macroevolution, microevolution, Hardy Weinberg calculations, and phylogeny
  • Ecology Unit, covering topics related to ecological organization, interrelationships of organisms, biogeochemical cycles, taxonomy, and succession
  • Plants Mini Unit, covering plant structure, reproduction, and adaptations.
  • Pathogens Mini Unit, covering bacteria and virus structure and reproduction, diseases, and an overview of the immune system
  • Homeostasis Mini Unit, covering feedback mechanisms, cell communication, and an overview of the body systems

How can I use this in my classroom?

  • As a bell ringer or warm up to get students settled for class
  • As a daily quiz to assess students each day
  • As an exit slip to check for understanding at the end of class

What is included?

  • 10 different units of content (listed above)
  • 210 slides for 210 days of bell ringers/daily quizzes, all of which are editable, and MORE than you need so you can pick and choose which to use!
  • Weekly answer sheets for students
  • Answer keys
  • 3 pages of implementation notes and helpful hints

Why should I use this product in my classroom?

I use this as a bell ringer assignment to start off each class period. There are three reasons why I love implementing Prime Times and they have honestly completely transformed my classroom culture. First, I love them because I truly believe the most important time of the class period, the “Prime Time,” is the first 5 minutes in terms of getting students settled in and focused for the day. Second, it is an opportunity for me to check in daily which each student and see how they are keeping up with the content. Third, implementing Prime Times has motivated my students to think about my class daily, because they know when they are at home each night that the next day I will be checking what they know in the Prime Time – so they better be prepared! I hope you will grow to love using this tool and that it will benefit your class as much as it has benefitted mine! You can read more about my love for Prime Times in my blogpost here.

*How is this resource distance learning compatible?*

This resource wasn’t specifically written to be used in a distance learning setting, but many teachers have found success using them!  I recommend creating a BASIC Google form and uploading a picture of the day’s Prime Time (You can export each .pptx to jpegs and each slide will save as an image!) Then include simple blanks for students to type in their answers so you can reuse the format of the form each day and ONLY have to change the picture.  You can see a sample of what I mean here.  Other teachers have told me that they used them easily by asking a question in Google Classroom.  You can put the image of the slide in Google Classroom and have students answer them right there with NO need for an additional form!

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