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EVERYTHING you need to administer a successful midterm and final exam in your chemistry class – plus the resources you need to review with your students beforehand.

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Need chemistry midterm and final exams?  This product is for you!  This chemistry exam pack has everything you need to administer a successful midterm and final exam in your chemistry 1  class – plus the resources you need to review with your students beforehand. This pack includes editable versions of midterm and final exams, all differentiated for CP (College Prep, or “on-grade level”) and Honors (“advanced”) classes. The exams come in two versions – Form A and Form B – with the multiple choice rearranged in both to help prevent potential cheating. All exams include multiple choice and open response questions and come with detailed answer keys as well as separate answer sheets that can be used to minimize copies year after year. Best of all, everything in this pack is editable so you can perfectly customize it to fit your students’ needs.

Why should I use this product in my classroom?

Exams can take so much time to make and differentiate between levels – plus on top of that you have to create review resources that correlate. Save yourself the time and let me do the work for you! If you are worried about it being a perfect match for your classroom and curriculum, know that everything is editable so you can make it exactly what you need!  Check out a preview here.  If you do already own my full year chemistry curriculum, this resource perfectly aligns!

What is included?

  • 3 pages of teacher implementation notes
  • 2 editable review study guides with 50 objectives and practice question, plus vocabulary terms aligned to each exam (PDF and Word doc formats)
  • 4 editable exams (2 midterm, 2 final) for CP and honors level chemistry classes (PDF and Word doc formats)
  • Each test includes 30 multiple-choice questions and 16-18 open response questions
    • This was written to take 1-hour
  • Each test also comes in versions “A” and “B” with rearranged multiple choice to help prevent cheating
  • Detailed answer keys for each exam (PDF)
  • Reference sheets with equations and other information for each test (PDF)
  • Animated PowerPoint answer keys for each review guide (PowerPoint)
  • Vocabulary review games (“Password”-inspired) for the midterm and final exams (PowerPoint)

What is covered on each test?

  • The midterm exam covers the first semester of my chemistry 1 course, including content from the following units: Introduction to ChemistryThe AtomElectronsChemical Bonds, and Chemical Reactions
  • The final exam covers the second semester of my chemistry 1 course, including content from the following units: StoichiometryStates of MatterSolutionsAcids and Bases, and Thermochemistry
  • All exam questions are pulled from previous unit tests given throughout the year in the units linked above from my chemistry curriculum. The reactions and numbers in the quantitative open-response questions have all been changed out. This is an intentional choice so that students have an opportunity to show understanding from mistakes made in unit tests prior. You do NOT have to have used my chemistry curriculum to use this pack, but if you have used it, you will find it perfectly aligns.

*NOTE* All tests are editable so you can rearrange and/or add to them based on any additional content you teach or if you teach in a different order than I do!

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