Chemistry Vocabulary Review Game


This vocabulary review resource is a fun game to play when reviewing terms that would be covered your full year Chemistry course.



This vocabulary review resource is a fun game to play when reviewing terms that would be covered your full year Chemistry course. This resource was inspired by the popular game “Taboo” and is a favorite for my students every year! The cards are divided into the following including:


The following cards will be added as I finish their corresponding units. *This bundle is currently 70% complete and thus listed at 70% of the final price!! If you buy now, you get the remaining 30% of the vocab cards for FREE as they get finished!*

  • Solutions *Not yet included. Estimated time of completion: 10/2023*
  • Acids and Bases *Not yet included. Estimated time of completion: 11/2023*
  • Thermochemistry *Not yet included. Estimated time of completion: 12/2023*

How can I use this?

  • As an entire class review game
  • As small group review stations
  • As task cards for an individual challenge for fast finishers

What is included?

  • Currently 7 different units of cards for you to print, cut out, and laminate
  • Currently 269 total cards of vocabulary terms
    • Each card has the vocabulary term and 4 “taboo” words
  • Editable template for each unit so you can add extra terms
  • 3 pages of implementation suggestions and differentiation strategies

Why should I use this product in my classroom?

I love to use this product because reviewing vocabulary can be mundane but is critical for science mastery and this game is a fun and effective way to do it!

Looking for more vocabulary review games like this?

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