Physical Science Curriculum Full Year Bundle

Everything you need to teach an ENTIRE YEAR of physical science!

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Do you teach a course that introduces students to chemistry and physics?

If so, this bundle is for you!

This no-prep paper AND digital paperless curriculum is all of the notes, labs, activities, practices, homework, projects, quizzes, and tests you need to teach an entire year of physical science.

What content is in this bundle?

One semester covers introductory physics topics and one semester covers an introductory chemistry topics. All units included in this bundle are listed below.  Everything is differentiated for two levels – CP and Honors.

This is an excellent stand-alone resource or could be used to refresh or supplement an existing curriculum that you have. Not only that, but the student packets come in a paperless digital version that can be used in Google Drive™ and/or Microsoft OneDrive™. This is perfect for the teacher who is in a 1:1 classroom, for someone who is hoping to integrate more educational technology to move towards becoming a paperless classroom, or is currently teaching via distance learning. Because it is all-inclusive, it is especially useful for new teachers, maternity leave, and flipped classrooms!  

This product was designed for my own physical science classes, and I’ve used it for an 8th grade physical science class as well as a 9th/10th grade physical science class, setting the foundation for students to later take chemistry or physics after this course.

These resources total to $440, if all purchased individually.  However, if you choose to purchase this full year bundle, you get a 20% discount, making the resource the listed price.  That’s $1.94 a school day to be done with lesson planning for the year! 

The following units are included in this bundle (click each one for a detailed description):

Scientific Method Unit

Lab safety, equipment, measurement, dimensional analysis, scientific notation, and experimental design

Motion and Force Unit

Describing motion, speed, acceleration, and Newton's laws

Energy Unit

Nature of energy, calculating GPE and KE, energy conversions, thermal energy, work, and power

Electricity and Magnetism Unit

Charge, current, Ohm's law, circuits, and magnets

Waves Unit

Nature and properties of waves, behaviors, and the electromagnetic spectrum

Matter Unit

Classification of matter, properties, states, and solutions (honors only)

Atomic Structure Unit

Structure of the atom, isotopes, and the periodic table

Bonding Unit

Stability, naming and writing chemical formulas for ionic and covalent bonds

Reactions Unit

Balancing and classifying reactions, energy in reactions, and introduction to acids and bases (honors only) and nuclear chemistry (honors only)

To read more about my scope and sequence, as well as to access my free pacing guide for the course, check out this blog post here.

What types of resources are included?

strongly encourage you to click the links to each unit above and download their previews. Each unit preview will give you 15-22 pages detailing what is included. In summary, you will be receiving:

  • Over 3,800 pages of curriculum
  • 475 animated and editable PowerPoint slides
  • 33+ YouTube video lectures for every set of lecture notes
  • 9 packets (1 per unit) of student handouts in printable and paperless digital formats that can be used in Google Drive™ and/or Microsoft OneDrive™ that include:
    • Cornell note outlines for every concept in 3 versions – original, fill-in-the-blank, and completely filled in
    • 23 activities
    • 12 labs
    • 8 sets of stations
    • 3 projects
    • 54 practice handouts for reinforcement
  • Over 100 pages of teacher implementation notes
  • Editable unit plans – with both 50-minute and 90-minute block pacing options!
  • 33 study guides (1 per concept)
  • 15 quizzes
  • 10 tests (typically 1 per unit, plus every test comes in a CP and Honors version for differentiation)
  • PLUS detailed answer keys for ALL instructional resources, study guides, quizzes, and tests

Want a video tour of what is inside this curriculum?

Not only that, but in purchasing this bundle you will get free updates for LIFE for any content added to it. The newest additions to the physical science curriculum include the yearlong independent research projects, binder covers, filled in Cornell notes and fill in the blank Cornell notes – both in the printable PDF packet format and the paperless digital Google Drive™ format.

This is my favorite thing I have ever bought on TpT!! The way this curriculum is set up is amazing, no more lesson planning or guessing what I'm doing this week. It has guided notes, PowerPoints, assignments, tests and activities. I really like that the set up is normally a nice short 15 minute lecture and then an assignment. It is good for me and the students to not have me lecture for the whole hour. As I continue to use this material, I keep finding that I like it more. This stuff is the real deal and you won't be disappointed.

Jeffrey J., High School Science Teacher


Most of the documents in this product are secured PDFs, meaning you can print them but not edit or copy/paste the text. The paperless digital student packets will be accessed via a Google Drive™ link in a PDF file that students can type into but not change the essential content of. Editable versions are only included for the unit plans, quizzes, tests and some aspects of the activities for you to customize for your classroom. The PowerPoint lecture notes also have editable text. This is to protect the copyright and intellectual property of my own work, plus the work of many dedicated clip artists that are included in this product. If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email me with them PRIOR to purchasing!

Click here to download the preview and to see a compiled list of all necessary supplies for all 9 units. I wrote this curriculum for the science teacher with minimal materials and budget, so the majority of the supplies needed can be purchased on Amazon or at Walmart!

This all-inclusive curriculum is perfect for:

  • New teachers
  • Experienced teachers new to teaching physical science
  • Teachers with 3 or more preps who want their physical science prep completely off of their plate and done for them
  • Teachers with minimal to no science budget who want to do engaging labs and activities without breaking the bank buying materials
  • Long-term subs or maternity leave
  • Teachers in a 1:1 classroom or teaching virtually or in a hybrid distance learning setting

This resource already comes with all of the student handouts in a packet format that can be used on paper (PDF to print) or digitally in a paperless version for Google Drive™ and/or Microsoft OneDrive™. All of the PowerPoint notes also come with a lecture video to help your students learn from afar. You can see all of my lecture videos on my YouTube channel here, and you can check out a free sample of a paperless digital packet so you can see what the formatting and usability is like prior to purchasing.  Please don’t hesitate to email me at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com if you have questions so we can figure out if this is a good fit for you and your students.

*NOTE* I did not specifically write this physical science curriculum for distance learning or homeschool settings, but this entire curriculum can still be used in a modified format. I include a document with tips for using the resources within each unit in a virtual teaching and/or homeschool setting to help you. If you have questions about which resources may or may not work from home, shoot me an email and we can discuss!

  • You can go PAPERLESS in your classroom if you want – no more dreaded mornings at the copy machine!
  • You still get all of the organization of my packet strategy, just now in digital format too!
  • Students will be able to access their packets ANYWHERE. No more, “I forgot my binder so I couldn’t do (fill in the blank)”
  • Students can print their filled in packets or an extra blank copy easily from home
  • You can now have a mixed classroom with some students paperless and others not. You can also start with just doing a few units digitally and others on paper. Whatever works best for you and your students. The point here is that you now have OPTIONS!
  • You have increased flexibility for students to easily learn and be connected outside the walls of your classroom.
  • A built in opportunity to help students grow in their digital literacy.

This entire curriculum was written to align with the DCIs in the *NGSS for middle school physical science.  It also covers several of the high school standards as well.  The CP (College Prep, or on grade level) resources are best for students who are concurrently taking Algebra 1.  The Honors (advanced) resources are best for students who have already taken Algebra 1.

The NGSS crosscutting concepts and science and engineering practices are embedded throughout each unit so that the units reflect the three dimensions of the NGSS. An NGSS alignment document is included with each unit with suggestions for phenomena that can be used as you develop storylines specific to your students and their interests. My hope is that this curriculum provides you all of the foundational resources you need for figuring out “what” to teach, so that you can then focus your energy on “how” you want to teach.

I highly recommend to every teacher that you just purchase one unit first to test out before making such a large investment in purchasing the whole curriculum. This way you can see my style and make sure it is a good fit for you and your students first and minimizing the financial risk. If you like the unit and decide to go ahead and purchase the full curriculum bundle, email me at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com with your original order number and I will create a discount coupon for you to use to purchase the full year bundle without paying for the original unit you tested out twice. If you have questions about this, feel free to shoot me an email prior to purchasing at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com.


Note: If you aren’t sure how your state standards compare to the NGSS, shoot me an email at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com with a PDF or link to your state standards for physical science and I will be happy to review them for you prior to you making a purchase!

If you are a first year teacher, new to teaching physical science, going on maternity leave, or overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and classes to prep for, this resource was written for you. Designing curriculum for an entire unit, let alone an entire course like this one, that is organizedengagingactivity-based, and standards-aligned can be exhausting.

Especially if you are in a school with little to no science budget like I have been, it can be so hard to have a hands-on course without breaking your own bank to provide it for your students. This is why I began writing these comprehensive units – for the teacher who wants what is best for their students but doesn’t necessarily have the time, energy, or resources to provide it for them (which was ME!)

Not only that, I also wrote each unit with enough detail for my own non-science long-term maternity leave sub to be able to use them. The level of detaillinks to the video lectures for each set of notes, and low-budget materials list makes this product perfect for teachers new to this subject, going on maternity leave for a long-term sub, or even trying a flipped classroom strategy.

The mission of It’s Not Rocket Science®️ is to provide creative and comprehensive resources that will engage students and simplify teachers’ lives so that teaching doesn’t have to be rocket science. This is the mission that drives me with every curriculum that I write, and I sincere hope is that every teacher who uses it is freed up to do more of what they love – actually TEACHING!

I completely understand the investment this is for your classroom, as I too am a teacher and know every penny counts. I highly encourage you if you are considering this big purchase to buy an individual unit first to see if my style is desirable for you and your students. If you like the unit and decide to go ahead and purchase the full curriculum bundle, email me at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com with your original order number and I will create a discount coupon for you to use to purchase the full year bundle without paying for the original unit you tested out twice. Have questions? I’d love to discuss with you further. You can email me or contact me here.

YES!  My daily bell ringers, exam pack, and test review games are not included in this bundle, but you can find them for the entire school year by clicking the links below.

Email me at itsnotrocketsciencestore@gmail.com I’d love to answer any questions you have!

Join my email list or follow me on Instagram. These are the two best ways to keep up with what’s happening at It’s Not Rocket Science!

You may:

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You may not:

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  • Copy or modify any part of this document to offer others for free or for sale.
  • Use the resources for commercial use, such as teaching a course on Outschool or a similar platform using these resources.


 *Note: NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.

“This is the best physical science curriculum! My 8th graders are incredibly engaged and feel challenged by this content! This set is all inclusive and very detailed which has made it very easy to implement. I am grateful!!”

Katherine H., Secondary Science Teacher


Physical Science Curriculum Full Year Bundle

Buy the full year curriculum and save!

Original price was: $440.00.Current price is: $350.00.